The Sopranos Slot Machine


Its not easy being a suburban capo. I'm always cleaning up my crew's mess. My wife doesn't like my job, but she doesn't mind the perks. I love my 2 kids, but I'll never understand teenagers. My therapist thinks we should move from Jersey. Not gonna happen.

I gotta job for you. Ever play those online slot games? I need an insider to win the jackpot. Its a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game named after my Family. Its got more bonus game that the Newark morgue has bodies.

In one of the Bonus Games, you have to recover my Stolen Goods. I left 10 containers around the city. Some have loads of cash and other have useless corpses. Here, take this ski mask. I don't even want Tony or Uncle June to know about this, so be discrete.

Alright - Enough small talk. Its time for you to get to work. You keep your winnings. Just keep me updated. Now go Bada-Bing your way to the jackpot!

The Sopranos - Family Symbols

I'm the capo of the Family, so I play the Wild Symbol of the slot game. Match me 5 times for 3,000 coins. My pretty face substitutes all symbols except for the Bonus Game Symbols.

The other symbols include Uncle June, Cousin Tony, my nephew Chris and of course Silvio and Paulie. Match 5 of them for fat payouts of up to 1,000 coins.

The Sopranos Family Logo leads you to the Crime Family Free Spins Game. Look out for the Bada Bing and Stolen Goods Bonus logos - they can take you to more of my Family's jackpots.

Spin & Win with the Family!

Stolen Goods Bonus Game

Be on the look out for the Stolen Goods Container Symbol. When it appears anywhere on reels 1 and 5 during the main game, you've gotta chance to recover my jackpot.

There are 10 containers spread out around Jersey with cash prizes of up to $2,500. After you open a container and see what's inside, you can keep the cash.

If its not enough for you, you can risk another container for a bigger (or not!) cash prize. There's a lot of cash out there. You only get 3 chances to open containers, so don't mess this up.

Recover Tony's Stolen Jackpot!

Bada Bing Bonus Game

If you see a Bada Bing Symbol anywhere on the reels, it means I've got another high paying bonus game for ya. We're all sitting at the Bada Bing Strip Club. I have important information to pass onto my guys.

Its a big deal. So big that I don't know who to talk to first. Artie, Bobby Bacala, Chris, Johnny Sack and Paulie are waiting for me in the back room. Who do I speak to first? I'll let you decide.

My boys are nice to me - they don't dare talk to me here without bringing a cash prize. You can keep it. Just keep sending them into me until its over. You never know how much cash those goons keep in their pockets. You'd better check them carefully!

Help Tony Collect Cash!

Tony Soprano wants to thank you for your spins

I'll never forget the day we spent together. We recovered our Family's Lost Jackpot. Those Scatter Symbols almost caught you off guard! You sure know how to spin a slot machine. Are you lookin' for a steady gig?

We really showed that Stolen Goods Scatter Symbol how its done! You recovered our Stolen Goods in that Bonus Game like a total pro. The cash prizes are yours to keep. Don't worry about the bodies, I'll take care of 'em.

You caught that Bada Bing Scatter Symbol with Italian finesse. You led my boys in one by one and collected their cash with the style of an experienced capo. Go buy yourself a new suit with the cash - you look like you can use a new one. Even Bobby Bacala was impressed with your presence. A helluva job.

Spend a day with Tony Soprano!

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